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Welcome to the Omega Discipleship store.  We have a wide variety of resources available for purchase. 

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Discipleship Series

This is a cyclical series of 9 training manuals designed to help ‘seekers’ become believers, believers (of all ages) to become disciples, and disciples to become disciple-makers. A transformation journey in discipleship leading to a multiplying life cycle. Click here for more information on this series.



Men’s Series

This is a 2-part series - ‘The Re-Connected Man’ - designed especially for men (but also for wives to better understand their men) looking at how to reconnect more fully in seven key relationship areas of life. A powerful and practical series calling men to be all that God intends them to be. Click here for more information on this series.



Revival Series 

Three books on ‘Revival’ that will stir your heart and ignite in your heart a fresh passion for God. Outlining what revival is (and is not), what God’s intention is, and the steps to bring revival personally, as well as to our churches and nation. A powerful and compelling series full of inspiring stories of past revivals. Click here for more information. 



In Your Time Series 

‘In Your Time of Sorrow’ – a book designed for those who grieve. Beautifully presented with full colour images throughout, this book will help you understand the grief process and provides signposts to help you find your way through this difficult part of life’s journey. A book of comfort and hope you can also give to others. Click here for more information.



Other Series 

Other books that open up what it means to live by faith and walk with Jesus – based on the book of Genesis, the Life of Christ, and the book of First Corinthians. Each designed to help you grow deeper in your own walk with God. Ideal for personal devotional study and small groups. Click here for more information.