Leaders Manual - Making Disciples

Leaders Manual - Making Disciples

New expanded colour edition!  (now 96 pages instead of 58 pages).  This is an essential handbook  on the 'how to' of making disciples for churches and group leaders.  It looks at the crisis of today's church, the problem of superficial Christianity, the signs of ongoing spiritual infancy, and the urgent need for intentional discipleship training to keep believers going and growing towards spiritual maturity.  It presents the plan of cyclical discipleship pathway for believers of all ages and stages to keep them growing until they become disciple-makers themselves, and shows you how to start this cyclical training with guidelines on how to use each of the books in the series:

  • "Come to Me" - for seekers
  • "My First Steps" - for new Christians
  • "I will follow Jesus" - preparing for baptism
  • "Come Follow Me" - for growing disciples,
  • "Come let us Worship" - for deepening worship, and
  • "Go and make disciples" - for training disciple-makers.

This Leader's Manual will show you how to turn 'seekers' into believers, believers into disciples, and disciples into disciple-makers. It provides helpful ideas, suggestions, special articles and guidelines for group leaders using the above training materials. Don't just hope it will happen! Put an intentional discipleship training program into action. Do what Jesus is calling you to do – make disciples! This Leader's manual will challenge and inspire you to get back to 'making disciples' and will show you how.

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