Disciple-making And Mentoring DVD Series

Disciple-making And Mentoring DVD Series

The 6 DVDs provide a 6 week training series in disciple-making and Mentoring.  Ideal for pastors to use with potential leaders for getting started in the disciple-making area. Ian & Diane Malins present the vision of disciple-making as our primary purpose, provide you with the tools to use, include testimonies of people who have been changed through discipleship training, and has training segments on how to get started.  Each of the videos runs 70-80 minutes and covers the following topics:

  • Video 1: ‘The call to Discipleship – the urgent need of our churches’
  • Video 2: ‘Turning believers into disciples – and disciples into disciple-makers’
  • Video 3:  ‘What is a disciple? – the 6 essential marks’
  • Video 4:  ‘Discipling and Mentoring – letting your life impact others’
  • Video 5:  ‘How to go about discipling and mentoring’
  • Video 6:  ‘Bringing it all together – making your life count’

(* For US customers, your DVD player must be PAL compatible).

Seminar notes: These can be downloaded free and will give you a more detailed outline of the topics covered in the video series listed above.

Free Download : Discipleship making & mentoring seminar notes

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