Reconnected Man Part 1 DVD

Reconnected Man Part 1 DVD

This 2-DVD series is a valuable aid for group leaders working through ‘The Re-Connected Man’ Part 1 book. The author – Ian Malins – will walk you through this Part 1 series giving ‘Guidelines for Group leaders’, then a general ‘Introduction to the Series’ (to play at your first group meeting), and then 15-20 minute introductions to each of the 8 chapters (to be played at the start of each group meeting). These chapter introductions will help focus the topic and include live responses from a men’s group as they work through this series. After playing the DVD introduction to each chapter, then go through the ‘Workshop’ questions with your group.

DISC 1: 

‘Guidelines for Group Leaders’ (19 minutes)

‘Introduction to Series’ (15 minutes)

Chapter 1: ‘Are you fully connected?’ (16 minutes)

Chapter 2: ‘Father Hunger’ (15 minutes)

Chapter 3: ‘Meet your real Father’ (16 minutes)


Chapter 4: ‘Entering into true sonship’ (22 minutes)

Chapter 5: ‘Living as a beloved son’ (21 minutes)

Chapter 6: ‘Know your heart’ (22 minutes)

Chapter 7: ‘Guard your heart’ (19 minutes)

Chapter 8: ‘Time for a health check’ (18 minutes) 

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