Reconnected Man – Part 2 DVD

Reconnected Man – Part 2 DVD

This DVD series accompanies ‘The Re-Connected Man’ Part 2 book – Reconnect with your FAMILY. The author will take you through this second stage of the journey by giving you a general ‘Introduction to the Series’ (to play at your first group meeting), and then 15-25 minute introductions to each of the 9 chapters (to be played at the start of each group meeting). These chapter introductions will give your group an overview of the main elements in each chapter, and will also take you into a men’s group and let you hear their comments on various chapters as they work through the series together. There will also be other special interviews of men included on some of the topics, making the presentation practical, challenging, and life-related. After playing the DVD introductions to each chapter that focus the topic, you can then work through the ‘Workshop’ questions with your group.


‘Introduction to Series’ (23 minutes)

Chapter 1: ‘Building a happy marriage’ (25 minutes)

Chapter 2: ‘Keeping love alive’ (25 minutes)

Chapter 3: ‘Step into your role’ (21 minutes)

Chapter 4: Where have all the fathers gone? (17 minutes)



Chapter 5: ‘Being a good Dad’ (23 minutes)

Chapter 6: ‘Training your children’ (27 minutes)

Chapter 7: ‘You and your Dad’ (21 minutes)

Chapter 8: ‘Why men need men’ (16 minutes)

Chapter 9: ‘A Kingdom and a Cause’ (26 minutes)


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