Come Follow Me – Part 2

Come Follow Me – Part 2

‘Come follow Me’ is an exciting 3-part series in discipleship looking at what discipleship means and how to grow into a strong, devoted disciple of Jesus Christ. 

  • Part 1: Answering the call (10 studies);
  • Part 2: Growing deeper (13 studies);
  • Part 3: Making Jesus Lord (13 studies)

In Part 2 of the series, we will look at the essential areas to growing deeper in your relationship with Christ. The 13 studies will take you through the key areas of spiritual growth – the Holy Spirit’s ministry, the Bible and how to use it, the place of prayer, how to listen to God, the priority of worship, the importance of fellowship, and how to be equipped for service and witness. There are study questions and Projects designed to help you put what you are learning into practice so that your studies become life-related and life-changing. This book is not just for information. It is designed to bring transformation as you begin to follow Jesus and grow as a true disciple of His. 

(Plus 2 DVDs available). (in PAL format for use outside USA)

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