The Reconnected Man Part 1

The Reconnected Man Part 1

Part 1:Reconnect with your HEART

New book - just released! This book is a book for men. It is also a book for women and wives to better understand their men.

How can we as men be all that we were meant to be? In this 2-part series we will look at how to reconnect in 7 key areas – with your heavenly Father, with your own heart (in Part 1), with your wife (if married), with your children (if a father), with your earthly father (if still alive), with other good men, and with the Kingdom of God (in Part 2). It is these relationships that define who you really are as a man. And it is within and upon these relationships that you can then fulfil your God-given purpose.

This series will encourage and strengthen you in these important areas of your life and help you become the fully connected and fully alive man that God intends you to be.

Each study if followed by challenging‘Workshop’ questions for personal growth and ideal for small men's group discussion. Beautifully presented in full colour.




  •  Chapter 1: Are you fully connected?

Section 1: Reconnect with your Heavenly Father

  •  Chapter 2:  Father Hunger
  •  Chapter 3:  Meet your real Father
  •  Chapter 4:  Entering into true sonship
  •  Chapter 5:  Living as a beloved son

Section 2: Reconnect with your heart

  •  Chapter 6: Know your heart
  •  Chapter 7: Guard your heart
  •  Chapter 8: Time for a health check
  •  A final word

Plus DVD series available

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