Prepare the Way for Revival (paperback)

Prepare the Way for Revival (paperback)

The exciting new resource "Prepare the way for Revival - Essential Keys That Bring God's Manifest Presence" is here! A comprehensive read-through version of the 'Preparing the way for REVIVAL' workbook (also available), this resource is available world-wide from all good bookstores.

This book is designed to challenge and inspire you to seek God's presence as never before. Do you wonder what revival is-and is not? Do you hunger to know God more intimately? Do you long to reach your potential, both personally and for the Kingdom?

See what others have to say about this book:

1. Dutch Sheets

"Having grieved deeply the past few years over the spiritual condition of the church in America and much of the western world, I have often cried out to God for revival and devoted most of my energies to this cause. Personally, I see no other hope for western civilization. That's why I'm thrilled when books like this come out, and am excited to recommend it! It is clear, concise, biblical, and very inspirational. I pray that through it, you too will hear the cry of our aching Father's heart and help prepare the way for revival." - Dutch Sheets, Senior Pastor of Springs Harvest Fellowship in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Author of 'Intercessory Prayer' and 'River of God'.

2. Barbara Yoder

"Many books have been written on revival. This book is different. First of all, there is what I call the touch of God on it. But secondly, it not only captures and imparts a passion and hunger for revival; it also carefully lays out the steps one must take to get there. I highly recommend this book as a guide for leading individuals, groups, churches and cities into revival. This is the day when God wants to bring whole nations into revival. This book is a must read to help us get there." - Barbara Yoder Founder and Senior Pastor of a church in Ann Arbour, Michigan. Widely known for her cutting-edge prophetic and apostolic ministry. Author of the book 'The Breaker Annointing'.

3. Selwyn Hughes

“Ian Malins' writing on the theme of ‘Revival' always stirs my heart. I find in him a kindred spirit as he focuses on what is without doubt the greatest need of the Christian Church in this century. I am delighted to recommend his writings to all in my circle of influence”. - Selwyn Hughes Life President of Crusade for World Revival and author of `Every Day with Jesus'

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