Discipleship Series Come Follow Me - 3 Volume Set - Omega Discipleship Ministries

Discipleship Series Come Follow Me - 3 Volume Set

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'Come Follow Me’ - is an exciting training series in discipleship for growing disciples that will leave a lasting impact on all who study its pages. In 3 parts it will take you on a journey of transformation and change.

  • Designed to help move you out of spiritual dormancy or stagnation into a growing phase and on towards spiritual maturity.
  • With practical questions, projects and memory verses to help you build these principles into your life.
  • Not just for new Christians but for older Christians as well. Christians of more than 20 years have said, ‘This series has changed my life’.

Part 1: ‘Answering the call’ (10 studies). Looking at the call to discipleship and what it will cost to be a true disciple of Jesus. 

Part 2: ‘Growing Deeper’ (13 studies). Looking at the essential keys to spiritual growth - the Holy Spirit, Bible, prayer, worship, hearing from God, fellowship, service and witness.

Part 3: ‘Making Jesus Lord’ (13 studies). Looking at an understanding of spiritual warfare, Christ's Lordship in everyday life, and how to live the Spirit-filled life.