What people are saying about these discipleship materials.

1. Pastors and leaders in USA

Making disciples

Reverend David Reynolds

“I am so thankful I found your ministry on the internet. Your materials on discipleship are "THE BEST" I have found anywhere. I've looked for years in the US for Discipleship training material and could not find what I liked. Yours is top notch. Especially Books 4 and 5 seem to be the "BEST HANDS-ON" approach to mentor believers into disciples that I have ever found. We have a tendency in our churches to talk a lot about "Making Disciples for Jesus Christ" but not always understanding either what that means or how to do it. Thank you for your marvellous resources.”

Pastor R. David Reynolds Central United Methodist Church, Decatur, Illinois USA

“We began our discipleship journey with the Omega Discipleship program and our congregation met in discipleship pairs or very small groups on a weekly basis. The material was universally well received because it is so expertly divided into bite-sized chunks that are easy to digest, yet so nourishing to our spiritual health. The weekly lessons are simple on the surface, yet profound as they apply to our individual spiritual journeys. As a pastor, it is my job to equip the saints for works of service, and through the use of this program and its materials, more equipping occurred in one year than in the entire history of our fellowship. My hands have been multiplied, and we look forward to the fast-approaching multiplication of disciple makers. Glory to God for Ian Malins’ obedience to the Lord in writing his discipleship materials; it has assisted the progress of our spiritual family in learning to obey everything that Christ has commanded.” 

Pastor Randy Spurlock, The Orchard Church, Ohio

Reverend Kevin L. Norton

“One of the most glaring omissions of the western church is discipleship. The Church many times emphasizes evangelism but does little to disciple. We as a church were no different. We began using the Alpha Course to reach people for Christ but with questions as to what do we do next with those who are growing. Then I was introduced to Omega Discipleship Ministries. After carefully looking over the material I realized this is exactly what was needed to compliment our outreach ministry. So we established our ‘Alpha-Omega Strategy’. We felt that to be faithful to the ‘Great Commission’ which calls us to . . . ‘Go and make disciples’, all the adult and teen Sunday School Classes should go through the material. This allows the student to grow in their own discipleship as well as become familiar with the material in order to disciple others. When choosing the Omega Discipleship Series for all adults and teens in our Sunday school classes we were met with some resistance because we were removing class options. But now I am getting comments of how much they appreciate this challenge to grow in their faith and development. And it is exciting to see students maturing in Christ. Thank you for this much needed material.”

Rev. Kevin L. Norton, Hibbing Alliance Church, Minnesota

“We have searched for many years, looking at many different "discipleship" series and lessons mostly in workbook form. At one point I felt as though I was going to have to write my own material, until about a year and a half ago . . . when I found the Omega site. And I was impressed.

At this current time we are using the Omega Discipleship material in small groups, home groups, and in ministry teams with about 60 people, all in different stages of spiritual maturity all pressing towards the same goal - to become Disciple-makers. We couldn't be more pleased!

To other Pastors: If you are looking for a quick fix to discipleship, don't buy this material. If however you would like material that systematically takes people from a point of not knowing Christ to a disciple, and then challenges them to become disciple-makers themselves, you might want to spend the time to investigate Omega. We live in a fast paced world, we want to make disciples in 12 weeks and send them out, yet we see in scripture that Jesus walked day in and day out with his disciples for three years. Omega is not a quick fix; it builds on steady growth. After all, isn’t that the essence of true discipleship?” 

Pastor Tim Rice, Open Door Church, Minnesota

Rocky East Pastor

"I have looked for years to find some discipleship material that would make a greater impact on new believers in our church. There had to be something out there that was more than a six or twelve week program. I desired to find something that was complete and would train each new disciple how to live this new life in Christ; to pray, to study God’s word, to develop a true, vital and loving relationship with God. I believe we have found this in Omega Discipleship materials. I’ve been using Omega materials since October of 2006 and it is transforming our people. One comment I have heard more than any other from my people is they are learning to connect with those outside the church and have conversations about Christ. They are saying the gospel is coming alive and they understand more fully how to carry out the mission they have been given as followers of Christ. Also, they love the step by step process used with these materials. I look forward to many years of working together with Omega Discipleship Ministries."

Rocky East, Pastor of Westlake Church of God

Rich Barbera

"I've taught using a lot of small group/Sunday school materials, Willow Creek, Churches Alive, Saddleback, Navigator materials. But Omega is good stuff. I used a lot of different materials and as good as it was, I always added supplements to make it more personal and clear to the people in my groups. With your material, it's like you put in the supplements I was always adding. You do a great job of keeping the truths of God's Word on the lower shelves where people can reach them."

Rich Barbera, Cazenovia Park Baptist Church, Buffalo, NY

2. Pastors and leaders - in Australia & New Zealand

Discipleship training

Pastor John Lewis

“Our mission statement includes the discipling and training of people for ministry as one of our major objectives. These books are excellent tools to assist in reaching that objective. The material is clear and biblical yet simply presented. I recommend you try this material in your church. The best I’ve seen!”

Pastor John Lewis, former State Superintendent of Assemblies of God, Queensland; and former Senior Pastor of Northside Christian Church, Brisbane

Matt Prater

“Our church has been running Alpha Courses for years. We have seen good results, but we felt we needed something solid and easy to follow to disciple the converts. That’s why we started Omega. We have loved running Omega at our church. We now call ourselves an ‘Alpha & Omega church’. We’ve run it in different settings and have found it lays a great foundation in people’s lives. If Jesus called his disciples to follow him for 3 years, why shouldn’t we ask people to commit to the same? And the good thing with Omega, is you can do a short course or the whole lot back to back. I highly recommend it.”

Pastor Matt Prater, New Hope Church, Brisbane.

Discipling the nations

Pastor Merrilyn Teague

“I have been seeking to ‘make disciples of all nations’ by distributing and teaching from “Come Follow Me” - the most comprehensive teaching material I have found on making disciples. I have used these materials in Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia, India and many other countries. “Come Follow Me” has been ‘scattered’ all over Nepal and built into the lives of Tibetans whom I have discipled over a number of years.”

Pastor Merrilyn Teague of the Austral-Asian Christian Church, Adelaide

An integrated series

Ross Packer

“The Lord laid on my heart the need for a discipleship program for our church that will take new converts through the basics and into an ongoing stream that will fully develop these young Christians into mature, Christ-filled leaders within the church. The Omega resources entirely covers that need, and we have introduced this into many of our existing cell groups.

“My First Steps” study book is an excellent tool for new converts as it presents foundational teaching in clear and simple terms. I thoroughly recommend the Omega Discipleship resources.” 

Ross Packer, Grace Church, Port Macquarie. NSW

Church planting

Reverend Graham Sercombe

“In planting a new church, I have used ‘My First Steps’ as a training tool to equip Christians to follow-up those who have made first time commitments to Christ. I would like to recommend this book as an effective tool for anyone seeking to do follow-up and discipling of others.” 

Rev. Graham Sercombe, Director for Evangelism with Southern Cross Ministries, Brisbane

New Zealand

Pastor John Stoddart

"My background is in business, overseas mission in Asia and latterly pastoral ministry. Omega discipleship material is the best and most practical that my wife and I have come across. At East Taieri Presbyterian Church in Mosgiel we use Omega discipleship material almost exclusively in our one on one intentional discipleship ministry for men and women. Omega material is also used in our pastoral ministry and life groups. I unreservedly recommend it in fulfilling the Great Commission." 

Pastor John Stoddart. B.Min. Pastor on East Taieri Presbyterian Church Ministry Team

Lindsay Jones

“Omega Ministries provide effective resources for discipleship and Christian growth. Many churches are now making significant use of these materials. I recommend them to you without hesitation.”

Rev. Lindsay Jones, National Consultant for the Baptist Churches of New Zealand

Peter Hart

“We have found Omega a great resource to use for foundational discipleship in our “Discipleship Triads”, with plenty of scope to build discipling relationships alongside. The Omega series is also used extensively within our international “Global” ministry for growing disciples and developing leaders – its systematic and thorough approach works well within an English second language setting.” 

Pastor Peter Hart, Baptist Tabernacle, Auckland, New Zealand

3. Participants using these materials:

“I think that this material is the best that I personally have ever seen or used in my 18 years as a Christian.”

Gerard Manteit (Group leader)

“I found the whole study series comprehensive. The discipline of learning a scripture every week was life-changing. The discussions we had at our meetings invaluable.” 

Cheryl Bickle

“This is the best thing our church has started. All of the components helped to make my foundation solid. After being a Christian all my life, I am now starting to get the picture of what it means to truly follow Jesus.”

Emma Corney

“Excellent material. I’ve learned 50 memory verses that I’ll carry through my life and will never forget them!”

Bill Higginson

“I have found the whole course excellent, but was challenged most in the areas of my prayer life and the Lordship of Christ over every area of my life. This course is more than head knowledge as the Holy Spirit moves in our heart and life, challenging us on a personal level.” 

Gayle Cooper (Group leader)

“I like the way that each lesson builds on the one before bringing us into a closer and deeper relationship with our God.” 

Trish Hopkinson

“Every week each study has taught me something new. The most I really have received from this course is this: If we all loved like Jesus as Christians we would be unstoppable for Him.” 

Jackie Campbell