The Australian and New Zealand Omega team are happy to come and run workshops and seminars on disciple-making and related themes, so if you are seriously wanting your church leadership, small group leaders, or others in your church to understand how to get back to our primary task of ‘making disciples’, then contact our team and talk to us. We would love to encourage and facilitate any such opportunity to give you the vision of disciple-making and show you how, with practical input and resources to help you do this.

We can run hour long workshops, but for a more complete presentation we run 3-hour sessions (with a break in the middle). These workshops and seminars are designed for pastors, church leaders, small group leaders and other people desiring to be a part of the disciple-making process. These seminars will motivate and inspire you to be an active part of disciple-making and will provide you with practical training and tools to help you do it.

Seminar Topics

Topic 1: ‘Making & multiplying disciples’

Presenters: Ian Malins (Australia); John Fuller (New Zealand).

Most churches have focused on evangelism and not discipleship with dire consequences. This seminar will look at how to revitalize your small groups by turning them into discipleship training centres, and how to get your church back to the central task of 'making disciples'. A must for pastors, small group leaders, mentors, and any interested in the disciple-making process.

The full discipleship seminar covers the following topics:
  • The call to discipleship – the urgent need of our churches;
  • Understanding the Great Commission – the twin imperatives;
  • How to turn believers into disciples – being intentional in discipleship training;
  • And how to turn disciples into disciple-makers – passing the baton on;
  • Revitalizing your small groups – into disciple-making centres;
  • How to become a disciple-making church.

Topic 2: ‘Prepare the way for Revival’

Presenter: Ian Malins (Australia)

Ian Malins is also available to run 1-3 hour sessions on the theme of Revival. What does revival look like and what will it take to see revival come to our churches and nation? What are the essential keys that can prepare our hearts and churches for the spiritual awakening that God is wanting to bring? Ian will share from his heart on this theme based on his own personal experiences of revival. He has written 3 books on revival which will inspire and challenge your heart. (You can view these books under the ‘Books & Resources’ tab).

Topic 3: ‘Reconnecting Men'

Presenters: The Bridgeman Team (Dale MacArthur, Ian Malins and others)

Ian Malins is part of a team of men from Bridgeman Baptist Church (Brisbane) who are available to share in Men’s Retreats or to present a 2-3 hour seminar series for men on how to reconnect with the primary relationships in our lives – with God, our hearts, our wives, children, other men, and with the Kingdom. The focus can be on any of these relationship areas. The Bridgeman team will inspire and challenge men to rise up to be the spiritual leaders and godly men they are meant to be and will speak into their hearts about what matters most in life. Dale MacArthur and Ian Malins have worked for many years in Men’s ministry, been speakers at Men’s camps, and Ian has written the two-part series ‘The Re-Connected Man’ (which you can view under ‘Books & Resources’ tab).