Our purpose

The purpose of Omega Discipleship Ministries is to help believers grow into mature devoted disciples of Jesus Christ through intentional discipleship training. We have prepared resources to help disciple-makers turn seekers into believers, believers into disciples, and disciples into disciple-makers.

Making disciples is central to our Lord’s last command and therefore should be our first priority. This is more than just winning converts. It is also taking these converts on to maturity.

We believe that discipleship training should be intentional and deliberate rather than random and occasional. Jesus has told us in the Great Commission to take converts and ‘teach them to obey all that I have commanded you’, and we believe this speaks of a deliberate and intentional discipleship rather than just hoping it might happen automatically in the midst of various church activities. The aim is not just to win converts or maintain believers. It is to ‘make disciples’. Only making disciples fulfils the Great Commission. (To see how effectively your church is doing this, click here to download a free copy of the 'Church Disciple-making Questionnaire').

The Three C's

Omega Discipleship Ministries has come into being because of the urgent need within the Body of Christ to get back to this central core purpose of making disciples. We have prepared resources to help you in this process. These resources are designed with the belief that discipleship training should not only be intentional, but should also be:

  • cyclical
  • comprehensive, and
  • continuous
Diagram of the Omega Discipleship training series


Discipleship is much more than just a short course for new Christians to get them started in the Christian life. It should be an ongoing journey, cyclical in nature, rather than just linear (a short course that finishes). It should also be comprehensive -  taking believers on a journey around a cycle for a long enough period of time to enable them to grow into mature disciples of Jesus themselves, and then to train them how to go and disciple others in the same way. This cyclical training should be operating continuously like a dynamo at the hub and core of the church’s life so that disciples and disciple-makers are constantly being made.