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What will it Take to Bring Revival - Book (New Release!)

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Essential Keys That Bring God's Manifest Presence. 
This is an inspiring read-through paperback version of the 'Preparing the way for REVIVAL' workbook listed previously, but with extra material added. With short easy-to-read chapters followed by reflection questions for personal and group use, this book looks at the often quoted verse on revival – 2 Chronicles 7:14 – and helps you see what this verse really means. With inspiring stories from past and present revivals, it uncovers step by step the essential keys that brings God’s manifest presence that can transform your life, your church, and our nation. Be amazed at what God will show you through this book!

What others say about this book: 

“I’m thrilled when a book like this comes out.”
  • Dutch Sheets, author of Intercessory Prayer

“This is the day when God wants to bring whole nations to revival. This book is a must-read to help us get there.”

  • Barbara Yoder, author of The Breaker Anointing

“Ian Malins seeks to show the way out of disappointing and stagnating evangelical ‘religion’ to a vibrant experience of intimacy with Jesus, which is the heart of revival movements and of authentic Christianity.”

  • Dr. Keith Hinton, Bible College of Victoria, Australia

“The writings of Ian Malins on revival stir my heart . . . as he focuses on what is without doubt the greatest need of the Christian Church in this century.”

  • Selwyn Hughes - Crusade for World Revival and author of `Every Day with Jesus'