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The Reconnected Man – Book 2

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Part 2: Reconnect with your FAMILY

This second book continues the journey for men looking at how to be more fully connected in family life - with your wife (if married), with your children (if a father), with your earthly father (if alive), with other men, and with the Kingdom of God (9 studies). A very practical and powerful series that can build (and even save) marriage and family life and give you a Kingdom perspective and purpose. Beautifully presented in full colour, each chapter concludes with easy response questions ('Workshop Time') exploring the topic more deeply and personally making this series ideal for men's groups as well as for individual use.

DVD Series

A 2-DVD series accompanies ‘The Reconnected Man – Part 2’ book. This DVD provides a ‘General Introduction to the Series’ (to play at your first meeting), and 15-25 minute ‘Introductions to each chapter’ to get your group started each week. These introductions summarize and focus the topic, and including interviews with men, and live comments from a men’s group working through the series. An essential aid for group use.