Discipleship Series - Disciple-Making and Mentoring - DVD Series - Omega Discipleship Ministries

Discipleship Series - Disciple-Making and Mentoring - DVD Series

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This 2-DVD series provides 6 training sessions in disciple-making and mentoring that will motivate, inspire and equip you to become part of the disciple-making process. It is an ideal series for training small group leaders in disciple-making using the Omega Discipleship training resources. Ian and Diane Malins will guide you through the topics listed below with interviews and testimonies of new and older Christians whose lives have been changed through this discipleship training. There is set of free seminar notes that you can download here that goes with the video series.

Session 1: ‘The call to Discipleship - the urgent need of our churches’

  • The crisis of today’s church
  • 8 signs of spiritual infancy
  • Understanding the Great Commission

Session 2: ‘Turning believers into disciples - and disciples into disciple-makers’

  • The 3 ‘C’s’ of intentional discipleship training
  • The Four Calls of Jesus

Session 3: ‘What is a disciple? - the 6 essential marks’

  • The need to nurture and disciple new believers
  • The need to turn believers into disciples

Session 4: ‘Discipling and Mentoring - letting your life impact others’

  • What is discipling and mentoring?
  • Different types of mentoring
  • Principles of discipling

Session 5: ‘How to go about discipling and mentoring’

  • Begin disciple-making at home
  • How to go about mentoring

Session 6: ‘Bringing it all together - making your life count’

  • Review of previous sessions
  • Questions and answers